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We are so blessed and thankful to have Dr. Trifiletti, Mary, Paul, Donna and especially infusion nurse Bella in our team. They are very professional and have amazing bedside manner. They treated me and my daughter with the utmost  respect and love. Their office is very clean, kid friendly and comfortable. Dr. Trifiletti is the only doctor who actually listened to me, word for word, of my concerns for my 8 year daughter.  He explained to me in detail what will be our first steps in helping my little one. He has given us hope when others crushed them. Dr. T suggested to have extensive bloodwork to be done. Once they received my daughter's labs the office called me immediately expressing their concerns that she needed immediate IV treatments. He was so concerned that he wanted her to go to the hospital to get treated immediately but, sadly the hospital didn't do anything for my daughter. Office manager Mary didn't hesitate and contacted the pharmacy for IV medication so she start treatment immediately. They treated my child as their own. They put our child as #1 priority and I'm thankful for that. When I emailed my concerns when my daughter has flare ups, they would either call or email me back right away, even after hours and on weekends. They go above and beyond to the moon and back. They have emailed me on several occasions to check in on my daughter's progress.  We feel like  family. We drove two hours to their office for my daughter's treatment and we were greeted by the infusion nurse Bella. She is amazing with children, my daughter loved her very much! She is very gentle and nurturing and made my daughter feel very calm while getting her IV placed. Mary and Dr. Trifiletti checked us throughout our stay making sure my lil one was comfortable and happy. After treatment my daughter's eye glowed and the smile on her face said a lot. I'm getting my little one back. I'm endlessly thankful for the Pandas/Pans Institute.  My little one said you are her savior and that she knew that you will be the one to cure her. You are my guardian angels. Thank you for not giving up on us and continuing to take care of my little one. I recommend everyone to send their children to Dr. Trifiletti, he is amazing! My daughter was in a psychiatric hospital for two weeks which made her 10 times worse. Thinking everything was behavior and dismissing that it could be medical. No one thought of digging deeper to figure out what is really going on with my little one. Also she was in a partial hospitalization which didn't help at all and made matters worse. She is traumatized, and after months waiting to see a psych they misdiagnosed her and prescribed meds that not only made her worse but caused other issues. She was having episodes 6-7 times a day. They said the only solution was to readmit her to a psych ward. I stood my ground and researched online and found Dr. Trifiletti.  Thanks to you, my daughter is on the road to recovery. No words could ever measure up to how thankful we are. Thank you for saving my daughter. God bless Pandas/Pans Institute."


Jennifer - Pennsylvania

Dr T. you saved my boy and our family about seven years ago.  C. was in a terrible place back then. Our family was coming apart. You are a hero to us."

"Dr T. You saved my boy and our family about seven years ago.  C. was in a terrible place back then. Our family was coming apart. Somehow, my wife found you on the internet. We called you early on a Sunday and you saw us that afternoon. C. began his road back that day.  I was just sitting here waiting for him to come home from a night out with a few friends.  He is seventeen and just got his license. I came across an old photo of him from that terrible time. I broke down, thinking what would have happened to my beautiful boy if we never found you.  C. plays football, baseball and hockey for his high school. He is in the National Honor Society and STEM program. He is talking about applying to Notre Dame, Penn State and Villanova; maybe a few Ivy League schools. I wanted you to know that you are a hero to us. We wish you the best in everything and pray you continue to help these victims of PANDAS."

D. and S. Parents of C - New Jersey

"Our experience with this office was perfect from start to finish. It was clear that everyone in this office cared for my daughter, and wanted what was best for our family."

"Our experience with this office was perfect from start to finish.  The front desk was warm and welcoming.  Dr. Trifiletti is thorough and took his time to explain lab results and a treatment plan.  The lab was helpful with keeping my daughter calm and allowing her to hold Lucia, the office dog.  Dr. Trifiletti and his staff were caring when we called with questions.  They got back to us quickly and put our minds at ease.  It was clear that everyone in this office cared for my daughter, and wanted what was best for our family."


TA - North Carolina

"There are no words to describe the depths of gratitude that we have for Dr. T and his incredible staff, led by Mary.  They have given us hope in the darkest hours of our lives battling PANS/PANDAS and I dare think of where our child would be today without them.  The level of care, compassion, responsiveness that we have received is unmatched.  As Practice Manager  Mary always reminds me, "It takes a village", and I am so grateful that they are part of ours."


CK - New Jersey 

"My three children have been patients of Dr. T since January 2016 when he diagnosed all of them with Pandas/Pans. We thank God everyday for him and his office staff. He is beyond brilliant and his team is so caring;  always going above and beyond for the kids. All three of my children are doing amazing, symptom free and we owe it all to Dr T. I highly recommend him to all and would not know where we would be without him."


Lisa B - New Jersey

"Imagine not knowing what is wrong with your child.  Imagine going from doctor, to doctor, specialist to specialist for nearly 5 YEARS.  Five long years of calls from the school because your kindergartener is running away, threatening his peers and teachers that they are going to die.  Imagine your child losing their handwriting and getting tics to the point where they can’t read!  We didn’t have to imagine that we lived through it!  It wasn’t until 3 years ago when we finally found the best doctor who was able to finally provide us with the correct diagnosis for our son.  Adam was diagnosed with PANS in 2017. Ever since his simple treatment (antibiotics) he was able to get to 90% of his baseline. Dr. Trifiletti saved our child from the system, where he would most likely end up at a psych ward.  He has been doing extensive digging into his DNA to see if there’s anything else that we could learn about him and other treatment that we could be doing for him.  He’s a very thorough doctor who focuses on your child and their specific needs.  He doesn’t do the “cookie-cutter” treatment and care and is 100% dedicated to what he does.  From the bottom of our hearts we are beyond grateful."


AC Family - Wisconsin

"Wow... What an amazing doctor. The care and attention that Dr. T Mary and staff gives to my child is beyond amazing . We now have a better understanding of the horrible disease Pandas. If we have any question or concerns the Office Manager Mary gets back to us right away. Prescriptions are filled immediately. Even when we went on vacation Mary called me right back after speaking to Dr. T for my concerns. This is a safe and friendly environment for our daughter. I can't not thank Dr. T, Mary and staff enough. Mary and staff truly love and care for these children."


Ed - New Jersey

"Dr T. and his staff provide a unique home for families impacted by PANDAS/PANS.  In a world where it feels so few understand this illness, when you walk in their door, you can let your guard down.  Dr. T.  is super knowledgeable and works really hard to figure out the cause of your child’s struggles.  His staff goes above and beyond to make sure both parents and children are comfortable throughout the process."

- New Jersey Mom

"I can't even begin to tell you how Dr. T, Mary, Paul & Donna have changed my daughters and family's lives. They are the most caring and friendly office we have ever been to. Dr. T is an expert on Pandas!!! We had already spent 15 years of seeing many doctors & therapists (too many to name) and being misdiagnosed. When we found Dr T. my daughter didn't want to go I had promised her this is the last doctor so please go don't give up... She went & was very angry she didn't even want to look or talk to Dr T. After three hours we left with hope. I'm not even sure if my daughter would be alive today if not for the treatment and care from Dr T, practice manager Mary & staff. Mary answered emails/calls quickly. The compassion and love that Mary has to all of these children is amazing. My daughter who is now 17 will stop in to just say hi to Mary if she has an appointment in the same building. Mary and the rest of Dr. T's staff make this whole Pandas disease a safe and friendly environment for our sick children. Dr T & Mary will be in our lives forever."


Denise G - New Jersey

"My son has been a patient for over a year. From the first time I called the office to make an appointment, I felt that I was truly in caring hands. Both Mary and Paul listened to my concerns. I was given an appointment in a timely manner and explained in detail all the office polices and directed to their website. They answered many of my questions and had empathy of everything we were experiencing. Dr. T on our first office visit explained his thoughts and ordered specific tests that needed to be done. Most of the blood work has been done in their office which is convenient. Dr. T is extremely knowledgeable and puts his heart and soul into the care of his patients. His staff does the same. Mary answers all my emails in a timely fashion and makes sure that Dr. T answers any concerns we have. She also follows through with Dr. T with any scripts that need to be renewed. She is always there to be a listening ear and to aide in any way that she can. She has gone out of her way many times to help my son. She is a true blessing to the practice as well as the other staff members Paul and Donna. My son like many other patients is not an easy case. I can see they all genuinely care about our son and the entire family. He was doing well and just recently in a flare again. Dr. T has spent countless hours looking over his records to see what is going on. I am so thankful that we found Dr. T and his amazing staff. This level of care cannot be found today in many medical practices."


MG - New Jersey

"I woke up on February 19 to a different person. I suddenly developed severe anxiety and OCD. I've had anxiety my whole life, but that morning I woke up and was suddenly scared to leave my house. Intrusive thoughts, bad brain fog/dissociation, couldn't eat, sensory sensitivity, song stuck in my head 24/7, hard time reading and typing, slurring my words at times, blurry vision amongst so many other scary and debilitating symptoms. It all went away after about two weeks. Then I got the flu and it happened again, and again after a sinus infection. I felt like I was going crazy! This all started a few weeks after I had Covid. I was desperate for answers. A friend of mine thought that what I was experiencing resembled PANS, and she recommended me to Dr. Trifiletti. For that I am forever thankful. I wasn't sure that Dr. T could help me since I am 32 years old, but after speaking with Mary he graciously accepted on my case. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Trifiletti and his staff! I am about a month into treatment and feel more and more like myself everyday. He is amazing at what he does and he saved my life! I am looking forward to continuing to heal. Thank you Dr. T!"

 32 Year Old, LO - New York

"I cannot thank Dr. T, Mary and Donna enough for taking the time at our appointment to hear us when no one else ever has.  Zoey was finally given a voice, and most of all Dr. T didn’t dismiss us. We have been living a heartbreaking nightmare since January, and all of you finally have given our family some hope. The time that Dr. T spent just listening to every detail without judgement. I don’t even have the words to express.  Please know how grateful we are."


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